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Our Agri / Horticulture packaging products are extremely durable, and are ideal for storage of items such as fertilizers, soils and mulch.


ICP CORP. offers heavy duty packaging solutions which are ideal for the storage of items such as cement, sand and rock products.


Our Chemical/resin storage products are strong, and idyllic for the storage of products such as chemicals, pigments, salts and de-icers


At ICP CORP. we can provide you with a variety of food industry packaging solutions; including packaging for bakery items, produce, liquids, freezer products and more.


At ICP CORP. we have developed several products that are especially suited to the hospitality industry. Some of those items include: table covers, laundry bags pillow covers and more.


ICP CORP. has a vast amount of experience providing packaging products to the logistics industry; including pallet covers, brick wraps, slip sheets, and more.


Some of the most common products that we provide for the automotive industry are tire bags, rag bags and floor mat protection sheets.


ICP CORP. manufactures a variety of packaging products for the retail industries. Boutique bags, garment covers and convenience rolls are just some of the items we offer.